What we do best

  • Padauk

    Padauk wood is obtained from several species of Pterocarpus. All padauks are of African or Asian origin. Padauks are valued for their toughness, stability in use, and decorativeness, most having a reddish wood.

  • Sal Wood

    Sal is one of the most important sources of hardwood timber in India, with hard, coarse-grained wood that is light in colour when freshly cut, but becomes dark brown with exposure.

  • Ven Teak

    We have the finest quality of Teakwood of Burma, India, African Orgin, Malayasian Salwood, African Padauk, Indian Yellow Teak, Treated Rubber Wood, Imported species from Europe & USA, White Cedar, Rosewood, Silver Oak, etc.

  • Pine Wood

    Pines are among the most commercially important of tree species, valued for their timber and wood pulp throughout the world.

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